Why You Should Be Creating Content On LinkedIn

There are a lot of great resources out there on how to make your LinkedIn Profile stand out, how to optimize your title, your summary and your experience — and while having a stellar profile is undeniably important, it’s only a part of the equation.

To stand out on LinkedIn, build a personal brand, drive leads for your business, you have to actually play the game — create content and engage.

In order to understand why creating content on LInkedIn is important and how to do it — you need to understand three things first;

LinkedIn is not just for job-seekers.

Too many people today still view LinkedIn as a job-seeking platform, and shy away from actively engaging on the platform and creating content in fear of looking like they are on the hunt for a new position.

Ditch this idea.

LinkedIn has become an amazing platform for professionals to create and share industry-specific content. It has also become an invaluable platform to drive business for everyone from C-level executives at Fortune-500 companies to solopreneurs and freelancers.

If you’re a C-level executive, or near this end of the spectrum, don’t underestimate the power of a strong personal brand. Josh Steimle (look him up and follow for great LinkedIn tips) pointed out a recent study by Weber Shandwick in which executives estimate that 44% of their company’s market value is attributable to the reputation of their CEO. And not only market value, but a strong personal brand contributes to success in attracting investors, positive PR and talent retention.

At the other end of the spectrum, as a small business or solopreneur, there has never been a better platform for you to build awareness and generate qualified leads - and it is possible to do this without spending a dime on advertising.

LinkedIn provides the network and the tools for you to position yourself as a thought leader — and compared to other platforms like Twitter or Instagram, LinkedIn is still relatively uncrowded, making it an attractive place for niche-professionals to carve out a space for themselves. Even in 2019, you can organically grow your following to thousands with a dedicated and consistent strategy (key word being consistent).

You won’t see results unless you create & engage

Most social media platforms are built in a way that 1) encourage quality content and 2) reward engagement.

You may feel LinkedIn isn’t working for you if you are;

  • Simply sharing links

  • Only ‘liking’ other posts without leaving comments

  • Not engaging with anyone who comments on your posts

  • To see results on LinkedIn you must;

  • Create original content

  • Leave quality comments

  • Engage with everyone who comments on your content

I have tested out many different types of posts - sharing links, sharing links with my takeaways, writing my own content, adding photos, not adding photos, and I can definitively tell you that posting your own, original content will perform far better than just sharing links, every single time.

Encourage conversation!

Posts that inspire dialogue or in-depth comments will have a bigger reach. Ask for the opinion of other thought leaders by tagging them, Reply quickly and thoroughly to people’s comments.

*Tip: If it looks like it’s just you and the crickets at the beginning, drop a comment to get the ball rolling. Share a relevant link as a first comment or add on another point — the key is to have engagement on your post as soon as possible.

Provide value to get value

Every time you create a post on LinkedIn (or any social media platform) ask yourself if your content aligns with the 'serve, serve sell’ rule.

To get value — make connections, build relationships and generate business — you must give value. Share your knowledge, your insights, your mistakes, your keys to success — how can you help others achieve a goal? Seize an opportunity?

At least two-thirds of the content you share and produce should provide value to your audience, while one-third can be more self-promotional. If you’re not following this guideline, don’t expect to build a community or loyal following around your brand.

Let your content do the talking. Don’t ever ask people to follow you, show people how you can help them.

There will be no overnight success, no magic post — you may create a post that gets hundreds of thousands of views, but the key is to consistently create great content with a high level of engagement, and build a community who genuinely values your viewpoint. Once you do this, I promise you’ll get qualified leads knocking on your door.

I help brands and individuals build community & influence, generate leads, and drive business by communicating their value on today’s most powerful channels. If you’re interested in receiving my slides on ‘How to Create Content on LinkedIn’ leave a comment and I will send them to you.

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