WeChat Content Best Practices [February]

February was the first full month people in China spent indoors and battling out the worst of the pandemic. It was an unprecedented time, full of uncertainty, sadness, and helplessness — yet across social media we began to see stories of hope, care, humanity and brands joined the conversation as well.

Here are some of our favorites posts from this month, showing that you can and should communicate during this this time, and how you can engage your audience in a positive way.

Brand: Fenty — Love Letters

Best Practice: Messages from Influencers

How to provide the young Chinese generation with comfort?

Lots of love from their idols. And not just any picture or copy, but a voice message.

For young people, it is so special to listen to their idols’s advice and feel the a sense of connection and deep care from them.

By releasing this article, Fenty spread tips about how to avoid Coronavirus in daily life, also reminding followers not forget about beauty care, even when they have to stay at home.

If you click on the picture of each influencer/celebrity, you will be able to read their hand written love letter with the same content as the voice messages. The fans will save it for sure.

Brand: Lalu Raw Beauty

Best Practice: Telling real, raw stories

The most touching love is not in a fictional story, but in real life.

By interviewing 6 couples in its community, Lalu emphasized its core values by showing the truth opinions and feelings of love without any judgement and embellishment.

People can sense the power behind these interviews, also appreciate what Lalu has done to create this special “Valentine’s Day Gift” for all the followers.

Brand: Allbirds

Best Practice: Ask your audience

Practical tips of how to organize your daily life during the epidemic period from the team members close the distance between the brand and the followers.

Also asking directly what kind of content people want to read from the account, further enhanced the brand's down-to-earth vibe.

Brand: McDonald’s

Best Practice: Fun & relatable posters

What are two things that people want mostly during this time?

One is Love, the other is Safety.

Fortunately, McDonald’s found one product on their menu that can combine these two things together, and they brought it back.

In Chinese, 217 sounds like “Love Together”, meanwhile apple sounds like “Safe”.

So the idea is encouraging people to have or share Apple Pie on Feb. 17 with half price to banish the gloom of the Coronavirus.

“Hey little kid, let Mom & Dad charge cooking, all you need to do is growing up safely.”——Reflects the fact that most children stay at home for 24 hours due to the delay of school, and most families choose to cook at home.

“Hey kitten, do you miss McDonald’s? Just called the delivering service, I will have the apple pie, and you will have the paper bag!” — Point to the fact that McDonald’s Delivering Service is still available.

“Hey Sick Hot Dry Noodles, wish you get better soon!” — This is the cute conversation between food. The “Sick Hot Dry Noodles” represents Wuhan, which is a famous street food from that city.

“Hey Wuhan netizens waiting for Cherry Blossom, we always keep thinking about your safety!”— Everybody is hoping the virus is gone by the cherry blossom season.

Brand: BMW

Best Practice: Video

As a real BMW car lover, no matter if you are in the wild or the city or the kitchen, what’s in your mind will be the same — the spirit and passion of driving never goes away!

Click on the illustrations, you will see how cleverly the brand adjusted their brand videos to the them of “Stay Home Life”.

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